What is DicomLite ?
DicomLite is the world's smallest DICOM viewer. It runs without installation on any Windows PC. And the great part is: it's completely FREE! DicomLite can be used to view medical images. Most Dicom viewers available are big, require installation, are expensive and aren't very easy to use. DicomLite has been designed by "doctors for doctors", resulting in a small utility that does exactly what most physicians need: a small program that displays medical images and provides basic functions like zooming, contrast and intensity adjustments. It can be used without installation, making it the ideal solution for viewing images of a patient when you are not working at your own computer. The program is so small, that you can easily keep it in your mailbox or download it when you need it (hence the name DicomLITE!). If you need to include medical images in a presentation, the Batch Conversion option allows you to save images in BMP or TIF format, which can easily be imported in programs like Microsoft PowerPoint.

DicomLite Features
Extremely user friendly and efficient navigation.
Contrast and intensity adjustments by a simple mouseclick.
Zoom function.
Support for most CT, MRI and X-Ray images.
On screen image information.
Drag and drop support.
Easy CINE navigation.
Very fast and intuitive batch image conversion.
Export to BMP, TIFF (8 and 16 bits), RAW (16 bits).
DicomLite is FREE software.
No installation required.
Very compact code, very fast download.
And much more...

Using DicomLite
After starting DicomLite, you see two windows at the right: the image information window and the file navigation dialog. You can use the arrow keys, Page Up, Page Down and the mouse scroll wheel to navigate through the folders. When you select a Dicom image, it will be automatically displayed. The image information window displays the patient information contained in the Dicom header.

File Navigation Control
Select Next File Down Arrow, Mouse Scroll Wheel Down
Select Previous File Up Arrow, Mouse Scroll Wheel Up
Skip Files Down Page Down
Skip Files Up Page Up
Show All Files Select Filetype Option
Show Dicom Files Select Filetype Option

Information Window Control
Zoom Function Select from menu or with Mouse Scroll Wheel
Reset Intensity and Contrast Settings Click Reset button
Use Automatic Contrast Adjustment Select Auto Checkbox

Dicom Image Control
Intensity Adjustments Move left and right with Left Mouse Button pressed
Contrast Adjustments Move up and down with Right Mouse Button pressed
Select Next Frame Down Arrow or Mouse Scroll Wheel Down
Select Previous Frame Up Arrow or Mouse Scroll Wheel Up

Drag and Drop Control
Convert Images Select Batch Conversion in File menu, then drag files from the Windows Explorer and drop them on DicomLite
Open Image When in normal mode (not in Batch Conversion mode) you can open files by dropping them on the DicomLite window or shortcut

What's new in version 1.2 ?                                          03-21-2008
JPEG and RLE decompression
Conversion to Windows Bitmap, 16 bit RAW and 16 bit TIFF
New navigation method for even faster browsing through images
Improved contrast and intensity adjustments
Improved memory management
Optimizations for extremely huge (>2 GB) multiframe files
Optimized for cine angiography and IVUS images
Animation toolbar
Tooltips with information about navigation buttons
Option to sort images on image number
Several CT contrast presets
Negative image option
Filetype filtering
Automatic zoomfactor adjustment

Donation Program
Although DicomLite is completely FREE software and you may use it as many times and on as many computers as you want, we appreciate any donations to support this project, as software development is expensive. Please feel free to distribute DicomLite to your collegues and friends. We provide this software as a service to our customers and like the idea that this program may facilitate health care. If you use this program on a regular basis and find it useful, please consider helping further development by making a donation through the PayPal donation service, by clicking the button below.

DicomLite Download
By clicking the button, you can download DicomLite v1.2 (size 33 Kb).